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Anal Pleasure Butt Plug

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Anal Pleasure Butt Plug

Product details

Start your anal explorations off right with this graduated butt plug!
10 vibration functions including vibration, pulsation, and escalation
Bumps on the butt plug’s shaft start small and grow larger gradually
Stays securely in place once inserted
Made from special, anti-bacterial jelly
Includes flared base for safety
Designed for beginners and intermediate users
Anal toys are great for direct prostate stimulation and indirect G Spot stimulation
Measures 4 inches long and 1.25 inches wide, insertable

The bumps on the butt plug’s shaft start off small, measuring less than an inch across, to give backdoor beginners a chance to grow accustomed to the sex toy. As you learn to handle more of the shaft, the bumps gradually grow larger to give you an increasing challenge.

The butt plug is designed so that it remains securely in place to stimulate your prostate or G spot indirectly once the sex toy is fully inserted. It also features a flared base as a safety feature to keep you from getting carried away and accidentally inserting the toy too far.

The 10 Mode Bulbs Probe deliver intense vibrations up to the slimline tip, these easy-to-use anal plug are controlled using a wired remote control connected to the base. Scroll through multispeed vibrations and enjoy an exciting tingle.

Anal stimulation allows men to directly stimulate their sensitive prostate, giving them more powerful and longer lasting orgasms. While some women are sensitive enough to orgasm from anal penetration, most enjoy the indirect stimulation of their G Spot and the taboo thrill of it.

Made from a special jelly-based material called Sil-A-Gel, this anal sex toy features a special anti-bacterial formula to keep your toy fresh, fun and safe. The Anal Delight is just as soft and comfortable as sex toys made from jelly, easily bending to fit your body’s natural shape. The sex toy measures 1.25 inches across at its widest point and 4 inches long, insertable.

we recommend the 10 Mode Bulbs Probe for women who enjoy anal stimulation and for men interested in stimulating their prostate.

This anal sex toy is compatible with water-based or silicone-based sex lubes. After using this butt plug, you should wash them thoroughly in warm, soapy water and rinse them off. Let your anal sex toy dry off, and then store it in a cool dark place with the rest of your sex toy collection.
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