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Iped Egg 5 Remote Control

Iped Egg 5 Remote Control

Product details

Introducing The DoMe INS IPED-5 Vibrator Egg with Stem

This little device can easily stow away in a pocket book or side pocket.
Small enough to fit into panties pouch for discrete and easy pleasuring via a wireless transmitter capable of 20 different settings. Super quiet - no one will know you're using it.

At work, home, in the bathtub, or in traffic this little powerful guy can always come in handy.

For mind shattering and body shaking vibrations it's the INS IPED EGG-5 Vibrator Bullet.

A quality wireless, vibrator for women.

20 settings
LED running lights
Wireless - Range 12 meters / 39 feet
Super quiet for very discrete and private operation
Flex Stem for holding or pleasuring
On/Off Button / 20 Mode Button
Made of soft Silicone and ABS.
Durable and Strong
Light Weight
Water Proof
Bullet & Controller Uses AAA batteries
Panties included with handy bullet pocket !
Adjustable Panties are one size fits most
Unique Design
egg: 30mm wide x 65mm long, stem/handle: 65mm
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